Artist statement

"In my creative work, I contemplate the relationship and differences between the animate and inanimate. Crafting my images, I aim to immerse the viewer in a synthetic world integrated into the natural environment. My work encompasses not only photography but also costume design and prop fabrication, through which I construct my final frame.

As inspiration, I often turn to mythology and literary works, such as Karel Čapek’s science fiction play “R.U.R.” (Rossum’s Universal Robots), which confirms the relevance of the intriguing theme to me in the context of rapidly evolving technologies and their interaction with the living world.

My artworks are a reflection of personal perception and emotional response to the surrounding world, expressed through authentic imagery. When creating a composition, I strive for a synthesis of beauty and symbolism, offering the viewer the opportunity to immerse themselves in a world that merges new technologies, decentralized fashion, and the natural environment."
In 2014, at the age of 30, she started experimenting with taking her first selfiesusing a common phone camera, creating collective images of characters from different eras and genders. This exploration focused on the metamorphoses of the human personality under the influence of various events.

From 2015 to 2019, she turned her creative attention to the performing arts. During this period, she studied at a clowning and pantomime school and collaborated with a street theatre as an actor. Thanks to her involvement in theatre, she learned to create grotesque characters, design costumes, and acquired basic skills in scenography. Additionally, these experiences kindled her adoration for Commedia dell’arte.

In 2021, she returned to self-portrait photography and began using a digital camera. Since then, she has been hiding her face behind a mask to erase personal features and as a tribute to her theatrical past.

At the moment, Anna works at the intersection of fine art and fashion photography, sometimes experiments with other styles.
Anna Kevrel is a self-portrait photographer based in Moscow, RF.
She was born in Riga, Latvia in 1984 andpursued higher education in the field of finance and banking. Following her graduation, she dedicated the next 8 years to working in her specialty. However, she ultimately made the decision to leave this field and since then, she has been fully devoted to her creative work.

Physical Art Exhibitions:
2024: group exhibition – IX International Festival of Photography PhotoKrock, Vitebsk, Belarus (Laureate of the competition)
2024: group exhibition – NFConference, Art Girls Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal
2024: group exhibition – Beauty of the Moment, State Russian Museum of Photography, Nizhniy Novgorod, RF
2024: group exhibition – Spring in my Head, Nigde Krome, Moscow, RF
2024: group exhibition – PhotoSushka, Center ZOTOV, Moscow, RF
2024: group exhibition – Cities and people, Zilart Gallery, Moscow, RF
2023: group exhibition – PhotoTOP festival, Classic Photography Gallery, Moscow, RF
2023: group exhibition – Winter Rhapsody, Museum and exhibition complex, Lubercy, RF
2023: group exhibition – ICONIC Photo Show, La Fondazione Luciana Matalon, Milan, Italy
2023: group exhibition – Festival of contemporary art “ARTWEEK. FAIRY TALES II: THE WONDER-LOOKER», Eight Four Gallery, Novosibirsk, RF
2022: group exhibition – Festival “Cauliflower”, street exhibition, Mytishchi, RF
2021: personal exhibition – “COLLAGES”, Onegog Center, Moscow, RF
2020: personal exhibition – “COLLAGES”, Likerka Loft, Tula, RF

Digital Art Exhibitions:
2024: group exhibition – Lugano Fest 2024, Convention Centre, Lugano, Switzerland
2024: group exhibition – Cultural Diversity Exhibition, DAO’s mobile gallery, Florida, USA
2024: group exhibition – Mental Health Awareness Month with the Arts and Healing Exhibition, The Crypt Gallery, New York / Los Angeles, USA
2024: group exhibition – NFT NYC, Artist Village Gallery, NY, USA
2023: group exhibition – Miami Art Week, Unfold Gallery, Miami, USA
2023: group exhibition – MET AMS 2023, Gashouder, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2023: group exhibition – Community Gallery Showcase, imnotArt Gallery, Chicago, USA
2023: group exhibition – European Blockchain Convention, Lezar House, Barcelona, Spain
2023: group exhibition – Milano Digital Week, M.O.K.Art, Milan, Italy
2023: group exhibition – SLOIKA WORLD PHOTOGRAPHY DAY, Superlative Gallery, Bali, Indonesia

2023: Art & Vault Spotlight, USA
2023: ISSUE №6 Autumn / Winter 23-24 ICONIC Artist Magazine, Italy
2023: Best of April / Best of December , DEHAZED magazine, Germany
2023: Selected photo to be featured in the Art Photography Awards 2023 Competition Gallery LensCulture, USA

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